Claims of infringement of intellectual property rights ('Indiaxa') respects the intellectual property rights of others, including but not limited to patents, copyrights, designs, trademarks, service marks, trade names, data, and media (images, illustrations, audio clips, and video clips, among others) ("IP"), and prohibits users from uploading, posting, distributing, or otherwise transmitting any materials on the Platform, or engaging in any activities on the Platform, that violate the copyrights of others.
Any and all intellectual property (IP) that is a part of, belongs to, or is associated with the Platform in any way shall vest in and exclusively belong to Indiaxa. All other intellectual property on this Platform is owned by their respective owners.
This Platform's IP is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Any use of the IP for which you are compensated in some way, whether monetary or otherwise, is deemed a commercial usage. Furthermore, any use of IP without the prior authorization of the respective owner or Indiaxa is banned and will be regarded a violation of Indiaxa's or the respective owner's intellectual property rights. Your account on this Platform may be terminated as a result of such a violation. Indiaxa also has the right to pursue legal action if its intellectual property rights are violated.

Notice of removal

You must provide Indiaxa a written notification that contains roughly the following in order to report any material / work on the Platform that violates the copyrights of others, in accordance with Rule 75(1) of the Copyright Rules, 2013 and other applicable enactments/amendments thereto:
The work description contains sufficient information to identify the work
Details proving that the complainant is the only owner or exclusive licensee of the work's copyright.
Details demonstrating that the copy of the work subject to temporary or incidental storage is an infringing copy of the work held by the complaint and that the allegedly infringing act is not covered by section 52 of the Copyright Act 1957 or any other act authorised by the Copyright Act 1957.
Details about the location where the work is temporarily or inadvertently stored.
Details of the individual who, if known, is responsible for uploading the material that infringes on the complaint's copyright.
Within twenty-one days of receiving the notice, the complainant will file an infringement suit in the competent court against the person responsible for uploading the infringing copy and present orders from the competent court having jurisdiction.
In the case of any of these notices, Indiaxa will make the final decision.

Copyright administrator for Indiaxa

The following Indiaxa agent must receive the aforementioned written communications(ie, the above-described takedown notice)

The Copyright Administrator

8-24-40, Near Elevinpeta Church, Kakinada, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, 533001


Before filing any of the preceding formal letters, Indiaxa recommends that you speak with your attorney (i.e., the above-described takedown notices, and the above described counter-notice). Anyone who willfully misrepresents that material found on the Platform is infringing, or that material was removed from the Platform due to a mistake or misidentification, may be held liable.
Indiaxa recognises that not everyone is a copyright specialist and that mistakes do occur. Indiaxa, on the other hand, has no tolerance for willful and serial copyright infringers. As a result, if Indiaxa determines, in its sole discretion, that you have wilfully violated the copyrights of others or that you have repeatedly violated the copyrights of others despite prior warning(s) in response to a complaint, Indiaxa will cancel your account and prevent you from accessing and using the Platform.By accessing or using the Platform, you automatically acknowledge and agree that Indiaxa reserves the right to terminate your account and prevent you from accessing or using the Platform in the future, and your continued access or use of the Platform reaffirms your acknowledgment and agreement in each case.